Streatham (Re)Discovered!

It's been a busy few days around here as Streatham Festival has been in full swing. We’ve been treated to a full complement of art, music, theatre, furniture restoration, ghost stories and more. Alas! Our concert dates were set well in advance of the festival so no music from us on this occasion – the first time in many years. So instead, we have gone to support as many events as humanly possible – it was only fair!

Saturday 13 October saw us at the (Re)Discover Streatham event at the Tate Library. We had to leave our trusty gazebo behind as we shared a table with some of the other music groups - did you know there are around 15 singing groups in and around Streatham? We didn’t! We had a great time getting to know a few of them better over the afternoon – the singing community is such a friendly one. We saw several hundred Streathamites come through the doors in a steady stream as we proudly proffered posters. There was plenty of interest in music generally and we hope we have encouraged a whole new group of people to come to our concerts.

All in all it was a lovely afternoon – huge thanks to Kirsty, Pete and Andrew for their support and thanks to Streatham Action for putting the event on. We look forward to seeing it grow and evolve in the years to come - we know there are plans afoot to make this more regular!